Rise Of Artificial is a music project founded by Bogdan Popoiag (UNU’) and Cezar Stanciulescu (Junkyard).

The first song, "Ne place", was released on 10th November 2010 and, after only three months, it became the most airplay-ed track on Romanian HitStation Radios, a song that reached more than 4 million YouTube views in only 6 months.

By the end of May 2011, the "Artificial" album was released, inclding, among all 19 tracks, the "Ne place" song, both versions in Romanian and English. You can find all the tracks on ROA’s Official YouTube Channel

Along with the above mentioned release, the band extended with another member, responsible for the electric guitar sounds - Cristin Negriuc.

On 22nd November 2011, ROA released a new video for the Sonata in A Minor song, which would be included on the next album in 2012. The romanian version is called Sonata in La Minor , The video was directed by Bogdan Popoiag and it’s parodies thousands of videos with women in swimsuits.